September 24th, 2018

Sales Techniques

If your sales year is not going as you anticipated, it’s not too late to turn things around. However, to do so, you’re going to need to need to self-evaluate your sales techniques. This is the only real way for you to identify what you could potentially be doing wrong and what improvements you must make. If you’re looking for comparable traits and attributes, consider these things that every sales superstar knows.   

Build A Relationship

Before purchasing a good or a service, customers want to feel as though they’ve built a relationship with their salesperson. Top-performing salespeople are ten times more likely to use collaborative words, such as

  • “We”

  • “Us”

  • “Our”

Customers Will Buy When They Are Ready

This is an important point, as only 17% of salespeople feel as though they are too pushy. Excellent salespeople understand that the customer will buy when they are ready. Until then, it’s their job to nurture and develop the relationship.

Sell Value

Instead of selling on things such as price points, or that their product is the cheapest available, successful salespeople sell potential customers on the value that they are receiving, ignoring the price point during the pitch.

Identify The Client’s Needs

When building a relationship with a potential customer, they will inform you of their needs. The more you get to know a customer, the more likely they are to open up to you. Once you identify the customer’s needs, you can determine how to solve their problem best.

Details Shouldn’t Be An Issue

If a potential customer is pushy about details, they likely do not want to do business with you. As the saying goes, “Details will not get in the way of two people who want to do business together.”

Renewals Are Crucial

Keeping in line with the mantra of building relationships, superstar salespeople also work to maintain their relationships. This can help with renewal sales, which are vital to a salespersons’ income.

Continue To Improve

Even if a salesperson is at the top, someone is chomping at the bit to take their throne. Successful salespeople are the ones who remain hungry and strive to improve year in and year out. The best salespeople are never complacent.

Manage Time Efficiently

Salespeople who are not successful likely find themselves overwhelmed and swamped. Successful salespeople focus on a given task and determining how they can dedicate themselves to that task fully. 

Don’t Close Until Meeting The Client

Unsuccessful salespeople often rush the pitch, beginning to sell a potential customer over the phone. Instead, the close should begin once a potential customer agrees to meet with you, only after you’ve begun developing a relationship.

Control Every Step Of The Sales Process

Successful salespeople remain in control of the process from the time they first connect with a potential customer to the time the ink has dried on a new deal. Salespeople must be strategic in their every move to ensure they are continually building value.

Improve Your Sales Experience

If you’re a salesperson looking to take your efforts to the next level, be sure to contact ignitedAGENT today. We can work with you to come up with a marketing strategy tailored to your brand, helping you achieve new success.